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It's very simple really; we don't like throwing things away...

How many times have you bought something - maybe a plastic crate, a toaster or a bedside cupboard – and found yourself in a year or two (or less)  throwing it away.  

I'm sure as a marketing idea it's great because then you buy another one – and throw that away – and then buy another one...  As a designer I find it very frustrating that the products that we use each day are very difficult, if not impossible to repair or even re-finish.

There is also another class of objects that get thrown away; those things are really not of any use in the first place. This can happen through poor design, poor manufacture, or because they are genuinely of no real use; rather like plastic toys from a Christmas cracker that are looked at, then go to land-fill waste.

Apart from my own frustration there is a fundamental issue for all of us, we are throwing away resources that are scarce or that cannot be replaced.  For most of human history the things that we owned were valuable, cared for, and passed from one generation to the next.  These were often objects that were made with care and skill individually by hand and were hard to replace.

Recycling of waste and unwanted products is excellent and very worthwhile for all of us but it's very much better to eliminate the waste in the first place by re-using things.

Setting up Two Green Leaves has been for me a natural consequence of the need for us all to live in a more sustainable way. So what does this mean for us and for what we are offering you?

We design and make our own products, generally from wood, metal, glass and other organic materials.  Our goal for our products is that they should be:

  • Really useful and practical
  • Durable and capable of being used for decades and handed down to subsequent generations
  • Easily repaired, maintained and re-finished
  • Aesthetically satisfying

In addition to selling products of our own design and manufacture we will be introducing similar products made by other people and also products that we renovate and repair – coming up soon...

Just to make sure you can get exactly what you need we also provide design and build services for non-standard products, systems and environments (through our brand 'makersmith').

We really want you to be part of what we do and share your ideas with us; talk to us about the products you need to be improved and how you would like to live in a more sustainable  way.

We will also be helping you by providing some Really Useful Information about topics that I'm sure will interest you. We will also be developing some learning resources to help you repair, re-use and recycle as well as learn useful new skills.

It's great to have you along with us as our product range grows, you can also keep in touch with us by signing up for our newsletter.

Gareth Davies

Managing Director


Two Green Leaves is a trading name of Davies and Begbie Ltd, a private limited company registered in England and Wales.
Our Company No. is 5612299 and our Registered Office is: 2 Hallgarth, Pickering, North Yorkshire, YO18 7AW

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