Our Log and Fireside Range is here!

We have spent the summer designing , building and testing our new Log and Fireside range and we are really excited to release it to the wide world!

We have really concentrated on designing practical products with great aesthetics so that they become objects in themselves.  As with all our products they are designed to be really robust and repairable so that they will last for generations.  We have used a great palette of materials including stainless steel, Siberian larch and oak to make our products visually attractive and satisfying.

The new range is comprehensive so that you can buy an amazing saw to cut your logs, have a beautiful contemporary log store outside and a buy an elegant fireside log store for your living room.   We’re also working on some exciting new additions to make your logging experience even better – so watch this space for more news!

So now its Autumn, time to think about clearing fallen wood and filling your log store ready for winter.

Check out our new products here and let us know what else

Exterior log store in siberian large and stainless steel
Log Store Number 1 – the next best thing in log storage!

you would like to see in our range – we’re always looking for new ideas!

Getting Ready for Autumn

What does Autumn mean to you?
Going back to school? Clearing up the garden? Cold?
Although it’s only August there is a hint of autumn in the air and yesterday I caught the tangy smell of wood smoke from a local chimney. That smoky smell brings back lots of memories and particularly the thought of a cosy fireside and a log fire.

We’ve worked really hard this year to help you create and enjoy your log fire more – not just this year but in the years to come. We have a new product range set to launch at the end of August that takes some traditional fireside and log related products and adds some style – and of course – as we always aim to do – very long life. So watch out on our website and other media; we will be giving lots and fireside hints and tips too…

Winter is coming – get ready…

…get cosy by the fire

Over to you!

Stool engraved with nameWe really enjoy creating new products and are constantly seeking inspiration from the needs of those around us. We particularly want to create not just standard products but custom products too so that you can make products your own as well as give them as really personal gifts to others.

A stool laser engraved with an alphabetWe already offer custom engraving as a standard option for our stools so we can offer that service on other products too.

So – what products would you like to see us develop? What could we make that would be durable, sustainable and repairable .

A good starting point would be to think what are the things you use every day that break or get damaged and then can’t be fixed easily – make a list!   Top of my list are toasters – what’s on your list?


Is it a table? Is it a stool? No! – its a SQUOOL…

Having seen all the unexpected ways people use our small stools we were inspired to create one that could be used intentionally as a table – amongst other things.

Squool with tea and books
Relaxing tea!

We took our existing design, and made it square – with a few other smaller changes too. Now it’s great for so many things:

  • Really comfy for adults and children to sit on
  • Use it as a side table
  • Put your feet up and relax
  • Children can use it as a small table to play games on
  • Some people have even put it across their lap and used it as a tray…

You can get it in some great transparent colours too…

So why call it a Squool? Well, it’s silly really, but as a Square Stool it just seemed to come naturally…

Squool view
Style and simplicity

And – if you are looking for something special you can get custom engraving to give or use your own bespoke Squool.

Pallets – getting ideas…

Pile of pallets
Pallets ready to use

We have been collecting old shipping pallets to reuse the timber to create new products and to experiment with new designs. There seems to be almost no end to the clever stuff that can be created with old pallets.  We were looking at some of them on removeandreplace.com  and particularly liked this quirky green-roofed garden building:

Picture of a garden building made from pallets
Quirky pallet building

It would be great to hear what new things you have created from pallets, whether it’s buildings, furniture or something more exotic then let us know.

In the meantime we will keep on re-using and recycling



Books, Books, Books

We recently visited the British Library in London and loved the huge central structure passing right through the centre of the building which was completely lined with books.

British Library wall of books
Walls and walls of books at the BL!


If, like us, you have lots of books at home too, then having an easy way to reach those high up books is really useful.  To solve that problem we created a really classic step stool design so that we – and you- can reach higher!

Step stool in library
Our Step Stool works really well in any situation…

We have designed it to be easy to carry and with anti-slip feet it’s safe to use; but the best thing is that it’s great to sit on too – or put your feet up on – or put your cuppa on…


We even found that toddlers like to sit on the bottom step and use it as a chair – so satisfaction for all ages!

(We have some other great products for children to sit on too – have a look!)

We can also create bespoke step stools too – if you fancy one with an engraved name or custom picture then we can do that.

Side view of step stool
Classic lines and great to use…


So we wish you happy reading and don’t forget – you have nearly a whole year to get ready for World Book Day 2018 (Thursday 1st March).

Build that library, reach those shelves!

…in with the new?

It’s a new year and I recently heard someone say “Out with the old, in with the new“…

That’s fine for the calendar, but let’s not apply it the stuff we have and use just for the sake of it.  So often we can feel pressurised to change things simply because we are told the new looks better, works better, IS better.  Why not try doing things differently this year and see just how much of the old stuff you can re-use or repair – or if you do need something new then think:

  • Do I really need it?
  • If I do need it, can it be fixed easily if breaks?
  • Will it last a long time?
  • Can it be recycled when I have finished with it?

Remember the three “R”s:

Repair – Reuse – Recycle….


Photo-shoot Photobomb

We had a great time recently getting new product photographs taken in Dave Chalmers lovely studio at Woodend in Scarborough. Dave is great at showing the sculptural forms of the products and producing really consistent images.  We did however have a little visitor who crept into some of the shots; sometimes it pays to look underneath the table…Rosie dog hiding under the table

Sadly we will have to edit Rosie out of the images for our website but I think she has a new role to play as Art Director of the studio…



Welcome to the Two Green Leaves Blog!

A very Happy New Year to you all; we’re really looking forward to using this new blog over the coming year to tell you more about what we are doing and what inspires us.

Right now the wind is howling over the North Yorkshire Moors behind our workshop and we are looking forward to some snow soon; it really makes you want to curl up somewhere warm…Squool with tea and books

…the best we can offer you today is a picture of a cup of tea!  We were testing our new square stool over Christmas and were using it as a table.  It was really stable with plenty of room for books – and snacks…